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i hope to see more found footage style games in the future cause they are really good

Hello, everyone

Una atmósfera tremendamente aterradora...! Lo he disfrutado muchísimo

I really loved the way the game looks, plays and sounds. Such a creepy and tense atmosphere! Well done! Kinda wish we saw a little bit more of what takes us at the end though! Other than it was perfect. Thanks for your hard work! Should you want to you can check out my experience in the link below 😝

love it thank you

"Hello" from here, Brasil! Really nice game. :)


I'd give it a 5 out of 10. Sometimes it's not clear what they are saying, i would recommend adding subtitles. Also it's not always super clear where to go next, i found myself walking back and forth from rooms without nothing happening that made a good chunk of the game boring and hurt, for me, the suspence and the sense of immersion but that might just be me. I think there is a problem in the pacing of certain scenes, for example when the tv goes "hello hello" etc. it doesn't need to be repeated that many times, honestly that moment went on too long, too many seconds, same for the face appearing. I would recommend to possibly shorten those scenes, there's a problem in the flow of pacing here and there. Other than that the atmosphere is good and scary, a nice short horror game.

Excelente juego con mucho terror y misterio. Me hubieran gustado algunos puzzles más junto con más sustos.

Interesting game, probably should have done more with the really creepy face. 

i enjoyed playing your game, but it could maybe have done with subtitles as it wasnt the easiest to understand what was being said.

other than that creepy atmosphere 🙂

Check out my video

 i love it :)

Hey, I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 0:08! Hope you enjoy the video if you decide to check it out! Cheers!


Hello, you mean bye, this game was amazing. loved the creepy atmosphere 


Short and creepy wasnt expecting it to take a turn like that i like the mechanics of the game

worth the play

nice game

Played this today and had a great time. Loved the visuals and overall presentation. The environment was creep-tastic.

The ending felt a bit rushed though. I gave my opionions at the end of the video, if you're interested. Good game! Thanks!

I loved it! It actually scared me a couple of times. It was a great game to kick off the new year! it is the 2nd game.

this game gave me the creeps, i enjoyed it!

a truly horrifying vhs style game! the voice acting was funny haha! Nice one!! 
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Comments below clip;

Hello insanity.

Goodbye coherent life.

When you want to go left, the game goes right.

When you want to move forward, the game happily goes backward.

On top of that, it always seems to be 1 step ahead of you.

Until you lose it, your head that is...

Well done, and kudos to all involved!

Nice game

this game is absolutely horrifying I love it 1000000/10

Spooky little game,loved it!



I had fun playing this game. It was disturbing at points and kept me interested. Video on the full game is up for anyone that wants to watch it.

That was freaking awesome! Duuude, the atmosphere and the way things are built up to make such short apartment look that spooky.

You did a great job on this game and I really wish to see more games from you in the future!

hi, big thx for the scary and disturbing game. greetings from rosti 😨😘

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Using the police sketch of Jenny Gamez is really disrespectful. She was murdered and tossed into a suitcase. She was a real person and I know people who are still fighting the grief of her murder. She had friends and family are haunted by that sketch and it isn't a gimmick for horror games.

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Very cool game and scary. I love the video camera theme in horrors. I had a great time playing it.

This was so creepy right from the start! Even the main menu creeped me out! The pacing was really well done, didn't move too slow or too fast, beautiful build up! The scares were very nice, very subtle and then bam! It got me! 

This was a very enjoyable anad creepy game. Keep up the great work! 

Really loved it very perfectly made the only thing it need was what i had to do next i was stuck on certainty points but other then that amazing  

This Was The Second Game In My Video! It Was Pretty Hard To Find The Keys! 

Harika oyun emeğinize sağlık.

This game is really well made, the transitions are great and it is actually scary, great job :D

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